Pop up notification on completion of Queue Microflow

Hello Experts I have one microflow executing in task queue. I want to show pop up message on completion of Queue microflow. I tried show message and show page but that doesn’t work. Any solution for this?
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Since you're running a microflow inside the queue, it will determine when the microflow is exectuted. Further more the microflow is not executed as the current user so showing a page or message is not possible.


You may be able to create an extra object inside the queue and once it's finished it is presented via a “chat/message” kind of thing to the user


Hi Aditya,

As Roy mentioned, it is not possible to show message and/or show page from inside the microflow which runs in a task queue as that has no user context.

I’d recommend to re-think on what you/user want to achieve.

  1. Does the process not take too long to run and you want the user to get a feedback once the information is processed inside the microflow then don’t execute it inside the queue.
  2. If the process takes too long to execute and you don’t want the user to wait and let the user perform different actions then showing a page does not make sense as you would be trying to abruptly stop something that the user may be doing. An alternative would be to add a notification for the user in a new section Notifications or maybe chat/message as Roy suggested. You can’t really use the Show message activity and will need more logic to display such a message inside notifications/chat-message


Good luck!