Can you SELECT * without ID?

I need to do a OQL query which returns an object. I cannot use “Retrieve Object” in the microflow,  because unfortunately Xpath doesn’t allow to use string variables as a constaint. But when using “SELECT * … “ I get a error message, because the ID of the object is returned as well. Is there a way to select all columns except the first one? The entity has over 60 attributes, so it would be nice not to have to write them down one by one.   Edit:    This is a simplified version of my Domain Model. Employee and Employee have a lot more attributes in reality. The list at the beginning shows a list of employees, with their employment status for the next six months. If a user then clicks on an employee I would like to get the GID of Employee Overview and retrieve the Employee object with the same GID to pass it to the next page. I tried to achieve this with the microflow below. At first I am getting the GID of Employee_Overview then I am doing a OQL query to get the correct employee and pass it to the next page.   Edit 2:   The page is going to look like this, but as I said it has not functionality yet. My current issue is with getting all the employee details to show on this page. Regards Nick
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Hi Nick Thomas,
It is not possible to leave Id alone when we put Select * as it is also part of table. The only option you have with OQL is Mention every column. 
And one more thing note as well, You should use OQL to Only Display data in a page, since if you closely Notice, all the objects that are returned from OQL are new Objects and have a new Id Value, So all the association which you have with the original values will be empty.

Just curious to know what you are trying to achieve, lets see if you can Do it by not using OQl.



“I want to have a page where a list of Employees is shown in a DataGrid and when you click on a row that a new page opens with all Employee details. On this page you should also be able to change the details.”

This should be default datagrid functionality. Just place an action button on the grid controlbar, select a page Employee_NewEdit and voila set ‘default action’ in the properties of the button.