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is there a way in a microflow to have the current page refresh? 
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If you commit an object (using the Commit object action(s)), you can set “Refresh in client” to yes


And depending on the use case you could open the same page again at the and of the Microflow.


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Hi Reece,

In most cases refreshing the context object would work and that would also update the data in the nested widgets based on how they are configured. 

But if you specifically want to refresh the entire page you can create a nanoflow and call a javascript action to reload the page using mx.reloadWithState(). Although in my view, the first option would be better from a user experience perspective.


yes, create an action to commit the outermost object on the page (if the page has a dataview), make sure you select Refresh in Client.  If that doesn’t work, you can reload the page in your microflow.