delete a value of Enumeration in microflow

    In the entity of Domain Model,I set a column of entity for Enumeration type and use the created Enumeration type.     Sometimes,if i only want to display only any 2 of these values in the drop down list. for example, FiveGSBOperator and CAOperator or CAOperator and NECPFDemand. how can I do that? Can the value of the drop-down list of enumeration type be deleted in microflow?   Than    
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This is not possible with a enumeration. As this is a hardcoded list in your model.

Of course you can hack a bit using the DynamicEnumPicker, but I have the idea you need something dynamic. Which a enum isn't by definition.

If you want to have a dynamic pick list. Use a referenced entity, with a list of records matching the required values.



Try the DynamicEnumPicker widget,  where the user can choose which values of the enumeration to display and change the captions of the enumeration values

Hope it helps!!!