Ordering of object list on Retrieve Objects by Association

Can someone point me to documentation on the ordering of returned objects for the Retrieve by Association?   The two results from calling my microflow with the retrieve show different ordering.  The first time they are returned in the order they were created, the second time, they are returned by ascending ID.   First Call object list order ID: 281474976947457  ObjectId: 144220 ID: 281474976947358 ObjectId: 144221   Second Call  object list order ID: 281474976947259 ObjectId: 144226 ID: 281474976947358 ObjectId: 144221 ID: 281474976947457 ObjectId: 144220
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Hi Misty, there is no official documentation about this, but in the expert learning path "Learn About Runtime Object Handling in Mendix” there is a small paragraph:

It has mostly to do with whether or not your objects are available in the cache. There is no way to guarantee a certain order in a retrieve over association activity. If you really need it to be sorted you can use the List Operation > sort activity