Doctor assigns standard care program to patient

Currently I am working on an assignment with my group. For this part of the assignment, we are logged in as a doctor who wants to assign a standard care group to his patient. We have trouble to select a patient when assigning a standard care program to them. Above our current microflow for this action is displayed. Below you can see that the doctor is not able to select any patient. We did manage to let the doctor select from a list of all existing patients, so including patients from other doctors, but we only want him to be able to select his own patients. Could someone help with this problem?    
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Hi Amar,

Do you have the right allowed role for the doctor configured on the source microflow? 

By the way, to get some more details about the error you can also check the console tab in the Mendix modeler.




Hi Amar ,


You can activate the selection by choosing default in the editability section of the Reference selector properties. Also  you should mark the microflow you have created as a source in the selectable objects tab, the list you send here will be your list of selectable items. I hope it helps.