saving account wipes details untill refresh

yeah this is is a wierd one. so I have a popup with a  data retrieve that retrieves the current account (like the one used in accounts, but instead of it opening the page, it returns the object of account.) when I press the default mendix save button it closes the page, when i reopen the page the fields i changed are empty. but here comes the wierdness. If i refresh the browser and open the page, the data is filled. I have tried changing the save to a microflow that saves and does some logs, but its all very wierd. This is not the first time I've seen this behaviour, so I was curious if others have seen it, know what's going on, and how to fix this?  
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Sounds weird indeed. So gather more information:

  • Switch on the log-levels in “Console → Advanced → Set log levels” for the database actions to trace, especially ConnectionBus_Retrieve.
  • Check the database to see whether or not the data is stored after each event.



After adding the ‘retrieve user’

and feeding that to the cast:

It works fine.

Have a good day!


so I have a tiny app that reoproduces this behaviour (9.12.1)

press the button, add your name or what ever, save and reopen the popup, it will be empty.

but if you refresh your browser sometimes it does seem like it has been set.

Pls let me know what im doing wrong :D