Search by abstract upper class fields - downcast issue

Hi, I have the idea to provide a search based on a upper class property. (i.e. tags) The upper class is abstract, there are several entities inheriting the association I’m searching on. The issue is that depending on the search result, I’d like to open the detail page of the specific entity. I tried with a action button on the list which has a Object Type Decision in it. However the Object Type Decision enforces (?!) to select all options as a condition. This means I not only have the specific entities as conditions (which can then be cast to the specific entity and dispalyed in a page) but also the abstract super class as a condition which is of course met and always (!) taken as a priority. Ergo the cast cannot be done. This means I miss the option to ignore a certain condition, have a priority of conditions or have an explicit downcast based on some other fields probably. Any Ideas? best regards Stefan  
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