When retrieving an object from the database are all the associated objects placed into the runtime object memory of Mendix so that they are available for retrieves by association?

Hi All   When i have retrieved a object from the database in a microflow, are the associated object available to retrieve from association? If i retrieve the Order Object from the database. Can i retrieve the order line objects from memory as they are associated to the order and placed into the Mendix runtime object memory from the database order call. I know Mendix will retrieve from the database if it can’t find it in memory. What i want to know is, are all the associated object placed in memory when the “Master” Object gets called.   If we have an object with a lot of associations do all of them get placed in memory when the master object is called?   I have gone through the learning paths but I am still not sure.   Regards, Patrick  
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Yes, this is one of the reasons why retrieves can become slow when you have objects with a lot of associations.