How to force a page refresh

This is a confusing one, so please excuse the structure of my question! I currently have an object (Object A) retrieved in a dataview.  This dataview encompasses the whole page.  I then have another dataview nested within that outer one which takes ObjectA, runs a microflow (mfA) using ObjectA and then returns ObjectA again.  During that microflow ObjectB is created.  I then have a button on a pop up page which when clicked runs a microflow (mfB) that changes ObjectA and refreshes it in the client.  When this happens my ObjectB disappears.  If I click the page reload in the browser, ObjectB reappears.  Is there an activity that I can add to that mfB so that the page refreshes and ObjectB can reappear automatically?  I am presuming that its the refresh object in client that is causing the problem, but I need it to refresh in the client because a separate container’s visibillity depends on the ObjectA value that was changed when mfB runs.  This container is sitting within the nested dataview.   Any advice would be welcome Thanks Kath
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You can use the following widget  with a Change Object activity set only to refresh your object in the microflow.