mircoflow - use one list to filter another

new to mendix and cannot figure out how to do this: i have 2 lists which use a microflow to pull from mysql list 1 (invoices): list 2 (invoice payments):   i have a data grid 2 with one custom content column that has a button that says “payment history” which i would like to pull the list of invoice payments for that particular invoice   i initially thought this was going have to be done through an association on the domain model. but after further research and following various learning paths, i think i’m going to have to create a microflow to filter out the invoicepayments list with the current object (current invoice)   i’m not sure how to do this in a microflow, previously ive been able to filter data based on the current user, however i do not know how to grab the current object in the microflow. can somebody please walk me through how to do this or point me in the direction of a learning path that can help?
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Hi Corina,


Add an Invoice parameter to the microflow, when the microflow is triggered the Invoice in the background of the triggering point will be passed as a parameter.