How to pass 2 objects from the same entity into a microflow?

Hi All!   I have a page with 1 data view and 1 list view, The data view is an Order object, which is passed from a show page activity object, that passes a user’s current order. The nested view shows a list view of the past Orders, by XPath   I wish to add a past order object to my current order object through the button “Add to Cart”, and repeat this with possibly other past orders into my current order as well. However, when I create the microflow, it only shows one Order parameter. How do I get both order objects to pass into the microflow? I tried to use microflow settings but it only allows me to select one order object, see last image. Thanks!  
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I tried this locally and it seems if you create a new button “Call microflow button” and then create a new microflow it will automatically set two parameters in your microflow


If your microflow is already created, just simply add another Order parameter and that should work fine.


But since you're working in a data view and 1 object of the list view it won't give you the entire list.

Maybe use a retrieve where you retrieve all the past orders? This way you still have all the old orders.