Call microflow from javascript action activity

Hello ,  I want to know how do I call a microflow that changes an object parameter  from a javascript action. Thanks in advance,
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Mendix has Java and Javascript API documentation available. Here’s the Javascript API docs.

The answer you’re looking for would be ‘’. You can specify how you want the Microflow to run there, pass it an object, and several other things. Mendix adds ‘mx’ to the browser environment, so you can call it directly. You don’t have to do ‘’, for instance.

Unrelated tip:

  • You cannot fill in multiple parameters on a microflow using the Javascript API. You can only supply an object or objects for one parameter.



You’d need to call from your JavaScript action.

Take a look at the params option for this call, it lets you pass in GUIDs for objects, or an XPath for objects to apply the microflow to.

Hope this helps.