how to target both: Account Datasource in Account Page property in a microflow

So I have certain filters that are an enum in MY account. In the page I would like to retrieve the filtered content for the account I am vieweing which is the page parameter account.     in the microflow it works, because I use the DataSource in the microflow which allows me to assign a variable to the different “accounts”     I can even target it with the dynamic classes which is what I need, I want to show the current active filter for MY account.   but then I run into the problem in the microflow that I am unable to distinguish between the 2 accounts.     what am I missing?
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HI Jason Teunissen,
As per my understanding and a wild guess, if you have placed the button or called a microflow in the parent Dataview you will always get the Page parameter, but if you have called a microflow from the inner data view, you will have 2 microflow parameters ( in your Case both are Account Objects) .

You can Name your objects appropriately based on the purpose it serves, in your case to be able to differentiate, I would recommend you to Debug your Ds microflow first and in the variables pane you can note the Id value, and then in your microflow where you got confused to keep another debugger and not the id values, Now you will know which account is what and then give the object a Good name. 

Hope it helps!!  Good luck .