how to do calculation in OQL

I want to do calculation and the source data/result is below. I write OQL in dataset, but it seems not work. Let’s take blank situation as example, for City 上海, it should be 17%, but now is 0%. What is the problem and how should I update my OQL statement? Thanks a lot in advance.   Source data and result   OQL statement: SELECT  MyFirstModule.SourceData/City as City, Count (*) as DN, (sum(CASE WHEN MyFirstModule.SourceData/Comparing_Result ='blank'  THEN (1+0) ELSE 0 END):Count(*)*100)+'%' as blank FROM  MyFirstModule.SourceData  group by MyFirstModule.SourceData/City   mendix result
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Your OQL is now failing because of the second count.

Untested, but this should do it:

FROM MyFirstModule.SourceData sd
sd/City AS City,
Count (*) AS DN,
(SUM(CASE WHEN sd/Comparing_Result ='blank' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS blank
GROUP BY sd/City

And to get the percentage, make the return-entity of executeOQL-activity have an attribute that is not ‘stored’ but ‘calculated’ and make the microflow calculate that percentage.


Dear Tim,


I just wonder why I cannot find blankpercentage in member of change object. Then I cannot do the calculation.


Entity screenshot: 

microflow screenshot: