How do I pass a input string from UI to a parameterized query to my database

Hi, I’m fairly new to Mendix. I’m trying to pass a input string from UI and pass it to parameterized query to my mssql query using a microflow. But I struggle to find any documentation on the same on how to pass user input to microflow. can anyone throw some light or pointers to documentation would be appreciated. 
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Hi Khaleelur Rahman

  1. Create a NPE  (non-persistent entity) with one attribute in domain model
  2. Create a page add a data view and select data source as Microflow.
  3. Create a Microflow in that create a object for you NPE and return it.
  4. Inside the data view add a input box, in submit button call a microflow.
  5. so you can get the NPE as parameter form that object you can get input value, add the query action in your microflow.





Hi Khaleelur,

Create a (non-)persistent entity in your domain model with a string attribute.

Create a page with a dataview with your entity as the source.

Create a microflow button and for a new microflow

Create a microflow with your entity as parameter and attach to your button

Add the query action in your microflow