Facing issue to save data while using wizard form.

I’m using wizard form to save data into db MySQL I have created different entity to save data of form (step) one and form (step) two. When I switch from one step to second  data  of form one saved but when I switch step 2 to step 3 data of form two does not save. For reference I sharing screen shot of micro Flow and entity model. and if I’m switching to previous stem I want data to be shown in input fields but data is not showing in fields when I’m switching to previous step. (sharing micro flow of previous step too).  
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Hi Nisha,


This is because you are not associating the data. On the creation of Bank Details you need to set the assocation to contact details. In your domain model I would first create the Bank Details, and then change the contact details object (with commit) to set the association to the Bank Details to have the same functionalities.

On the button “Previous” you can then retrieve over assocation from bank details the contact details and show the first form with those details.

Please be aware that in the current flow on the next button, you will create a new bank account (again) so all filled values will be gone.