error of calculated attribute

I add a calculated attribute in my entity and set up event in new edit page. attribute “month”(string) is calculated based on attribute “Report_ATA“(date), I create a microflow to do. As you can see, month is correctly calculated, but when I click “new” button, it shows error  and the detailed error info is in the screenshot. Anything wrong? Thanks a lot in advance. 1.entity edit page 3.microflow   4.create variable 5.change variable page 7.error 8.error info
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Hi Wang,


As you said, that the error occurs after the action of new Button, it may be because SouceData/Report_ATA is Empty…

Have you double checked the value in your microflow ?


Try add a conditional check in your Change Variable:

if ($SouceData != empty and $SouceData/Report_ATA != empty) then 
   formatDateTime($SouceData/Report_ATA, 'yyyy.MM') 




Hi Wang,

This usually occurs if one of the attributes you try to format is empty. In this case Report_ATA is probably empty, so the microflow throws an error.

In this case I would recommend using the debugger to check if Report_ATA is indeed empty when you try to do the calculation.

Hope this helps!