How to create a promotional item with a start and end date

Hi All!   I am currently struggling with creating a promotion for the products in my store in the app. I wish to create a start and end date with time, and ensure that the promotion automatically activates when it reaches a certain time on a particular date. How do I constantly compare the time against current date and item? (Eg. like a microflow that keeps running/ checking?)    Would love to hear suggestions, thanks so much! :)
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on the page where your want to show promotional area in any datacontainer ( like list view or dataview )

select a microflow as a datasource and in a microflow pass a datetime parameter and pass currentDateTime as a value of parameter  and next execute a OQL statement and then in OQL you can calculate you like Currentime >= yourtimeStartTime and <= yourEndTime 

then microflow return a list or object of your desired poromotional data