UTC Time vs Session Time Comparison?

So I am attempting to filter a list off objects by a CloseDate, and have it so they are put into lists based on month. All my dates stored are not localized, and display as UTC time in my overview pages, but it seems that when they are being compared in the microflow they are converting to using session time instead of UTC.   So for example, there is an object whose CloseTime is 4:34AM, 12-01-2021. But since it tries to use session time, it gets put back 6 hours and says it is in November, and doesn’t get included by the filter.   The close date for the object in the debugger: Filter Expression: I really need to have everything be based on UTC. I believe just adding on time could be a work around, but users will be in different time zones and that would likely mess them up too. Is there a way I can make it so the $currentObject/CloseDate uses UTC instead of session?   Thanks, Shaun
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Based on your description, I think you should be using parseDateTimeUTC() in the filter expression.

Hope that helps,