Need to add blocking pop up message

Hello, On a button, I am calling a microflow but before executing its first activity, I want to show pop up message to get confirmation from user. So I added SHOW MESSAGE activity as the first activity of microflow but this activity is not getting executed at first. I am able to see pop up message after all  activities of the microflow get executed. Can some one please help me out. Thanks!      
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Hi Trishla ,

If you need to get confirmation, In the microflow, have just “show a page activity” ( pop-up page with confirm button). Add the rest of your activities in the confirm button microflow. Hope this helps!


Hi Trishla T,

In Mendix by default, we are having to Ask confirmation. It will ask when its execute.

Here you can add what you want to so to the user about the confirmation.

I hope this helps.


Hi Trishla T,

In the Action button events there is an Microflow settings through that enable Ask confirmation so we can able to get the confirmation like blocking. 


Mendix actually has a built-in feature for that:

If you right-click the button that triggers your microflow, there is an option Edit on click microflow...: