Retrieving Object from list to use in template

Hi All, I am having an issue right now with the templates. We are using templates to generate pdf documents and I need to dynamically place information in the template. Our current setup looks like this, ParentEntity → (1 to 1) Person → (1 to many) Signatures.  I have the ParentEntity in a data source and the person within a child data source and then the signature uses a microflow to find the correct signature type in a list. The error occurs here and tells me that no entity (path) specified. I’m not sure of how to resolve this issue. I can’t select an entity from the association either because the signature is a 1 to many. Anyone know how to solve this?
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Whatever the object you are trying to return in the data source microflow, same object/entity should be mapped on Entity (path) in your template. PFA for better understanding :

Just map the object, not the association, as you are using the microflow to return the object on your document template. 

Hope this helps


You should use a datasource microflow for your dataview. In this microflow you pass one parameter of type Person and retrieve the correct Signature based on your requirements. Use this object as return parameter to the dataview at the end of the microflow.