How to get the selected value from a drop down into a microflow to further process it

Hey every1, I am currently developing an app (so to say) that checks a project for its status. Users enter several data points (like select from drop downs etc) and then the project gets assigned a status “green”, “yellow” or “red”. However, I don’t really understand how I can extract user input from a drop down (aka, what the user has selected) and feed it into a microflow that then executes and assigns a status (based on some rules I have set up in that microflow). Can’t find a way to extract a value from a drop down and pass it to that microflow. Thanks.
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Hi Philip,

I added a comment and deleted. Its not the Software !!.

I wanted to add some Screen shots for your Reference,
You can Calculate the Status in two ways:



You can add your Change object to change the project status. 

2. You can add the logic in your Change object itself:


Hope it helps!!


Hi Philipp Kowalski,

The $object/DropAttribute will have the value the user has selected.

you can add the $object as a parameter to the microflow. Now from the parent Microflow, you can pass the object. 


this is the screenshot to my comment to Dinesh Kumar