replace a variable in a list with a variable from another list in microflow

i have 2 tables in mysql that i am pulling from in a microflow. the first table is “tickets” table which has the columns “requester” and “assignee” appearing as user ID #s instead of the person’s name. these values match columns “userID” and “assignedID” on another table called the “support contacts” table. the support contacts table also has a “name” column which has the full name of the person. not ideal but this is what i have to work with.   i need to have the microflow use the “requester” string, find the matching “userID”, and replace it with the “Name” value so that the output on the datagrid is the name and not some user id # that an end-user cannot decipher.    this is the microflow that i’ve began developing but not sure how to continue:  the first 4 objects are calling the tables from mysql and creating lists, now i don’t know how to replace values. it might be worth noting that these are feeding into two separate entities. one called the “tickets” and the other called “requesterassignedto” reason being that each table has a “title” column. again, not ideal but that’s what i have to work with. please help! thanks!
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hii  corina lopez,

as i understand your question you want a microflow that take requestername  and return you the  data from support contact on the behalf of requester string input parameter but in support contact table you have put assigneeId and userId and also have a column name in which is used for save fullname of user.

so to achieve it just make you query with join clause in OQL 

JOIN condition $obj/tick/tick_suppport_contact_association/support_contact

join your ticket and support contact and fetch record with where condition like 

$tickObj/matchingColumnNameInSupportContactTable = $support_contactObj/matchingColumnNameInTicketTable