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I have tow entity in Domain Model,Forecast entity and Forecast Detail entity.and i set associations in them(1 Forecast to Many  Forecast Detail). I creat one forecast data with tow forecast details in pages and commit to Database.(detail A and Detail B) And now,i add tow details (detail C and Detail D)in pages,only refresh in client ,but do not commit . And then,In debug mode, using retrieve associations I got 4  pieces of Details data (detail A ~ Detail D)displayed on the screen. How can I get 2 pieces of Details data that already exist in the database?   Thanks
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firstly you retreive data from association and then you retreive data from database to get list so in second activity write xpath 


you have to give xpath when you fetch data from database that equal to or appropriate with associative data of both entity 

for example 

[MyFirstModule.Registration_TrainingEvent = $TrainingEvent]

[yourModuleName.associationName = RetireiveByAssociationActivityObject]

i hope you will be understand we have done it in Rapid Developer course 

Mendix Academy - 7.10.2 Create a registration list





Hi Liu Feng,

maybe I got you wrong, but : if you want to limit your retrieve to the entries that are commited to the database, use retrieve from database instead retrieve by association