Set selected datagrid row value as readonly value to another page

Hello!   I have two entities: Party (attributes: FirstName, LastName, Address)  and Quote (attribute: Policyholder) with associationQuote_Party association: 1 – *. I created a page for Quote, where I placed the Policyholder input field (read-only) and a button, which opens the PartyOverview datagrid pop-up (entity: Party). The scenario that I want to achieve is to select a row from PartyOverview datagrid, extract the FirstName and LastName values, and put them as a string to Policyholder on the Quote page.  Is this somehow possible? I added an Action button on the PartyOverview page that triggers a microflow that gets FirstName and LastName values from the selected row, but how to transfer this data to Quote page and set the chosen value in the Policyholder field?
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Hi Eva,

For this requirement ,

  1. have a association 1-* starting from quote(*) to party(1).
  2. You already have a page for quote, but instead of button- have a reference selector(Selectusing - page) that list out party.
  3. In the select page button, in select button have a microflow that gets party and quote parameters, change object→ quote , quote_name: $party/first name+’ ‘+$party/lastname


Hope this helps!



If a Quote relates to 1 party and you have set the association between the Quote and the party. Then on the Quote page you can show the first name and lastname attributes over association.

There are couple of ways to do this:
1. On the quote page add a dataview with the assocation to party. Then add the attributes in the dataview

2. Directly add a textbox field where you show the attributes over association.


Hope this helps!


Hi Maarten and Rishi.

I created a reference selector on the quote page:

However, I want to show here the First and Last name. I created also a page for selection of the party that opens this page, but there is no option to set a microflow on the select button:

I added the microflow on the actions button but still receive an error:


Additionaly, if I add change object activity from the Quote entity, I receive this error: