How to populate dropdown using micrflow

Hi Team, I have two tables with 1-* relationship. But instead of association I want to populate dropdown using microflow because I want to check some conditions on dropdown population. With microflow I don’t know how to do it.  Please suggest.      
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Hi Priyanka Awari,
If you Double click the Reference Selector, there will be a Selectable objects tab, there you can select microflow as an option and call your Microflow which returns a list.



You can populate a reference selector using a microflow. In the microflow you can retrieve you data in a list either from the database or with an association to the passed on entity.

You have to return a list at the end of the microflow in order to populate the drop down.


Hi, i am not able to understand your question.

- You said 1-* which means it must be reference-set selector or input reference-set selector

- Because, for 1 -* association I would expect the user to select multiple items

- And you said you wanted a drop down

For 1-*

- use input reference set selector and have a select page, where you could use a microflow

 For 1-1

- user reference selector where it is possible to a microflow


And in your image, it is simple DB retrieval. Which means the same XPATH can be used under selectable objects tab. You could check the constrained by also.