convert string to date time

i have a string of data that i’m pulling directly from mysql. i can’t get it to convert to date format. this is the microflow that i use to bring in the data and my attempt to change the string:   this is how it is pulling in currently:   does anybody have any idea on how i could either convert to date or trim the time off the end?
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I think your parseDateTime function looks good – although you may need to add on the time component.  However, the problem in your screenshot is that you are trying to set a List to a datetime value.  You’ll want to set an attribute on an entity (or a microflow variable) to the the datetime value.

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I just looked at your microflow – if I understand what you’re trying to do, I think in your loop you should create an object in each loop and set the value of an attribute on that object to the datetime value.

**EDIT 2**

I made a small example as follows:

Domain model

Next, I made a small microflow that created a few records in Tickets entity like this:

And inside the loop, the create object action looks like this

I have highlighted differences in my parseDateTime from yours.  Note that parseDateTime is picky – the formats must match the string exactly.

Finally, I create a page with 2 datagrids, one for Tickets entity and one for DateTest entity, and a microflow button for the microflow I created.  I’ve included a screenshot below:

you’ll see that it converts the dates as it should.  The datetime values have a 12:00 AM time component because the parseDateTime call doesn’t include elements for the time portion of the string.


Hopefully this is helpful.  Let me know if you have any other questions


In the loop, remove the activity ‘Add to List’ and add a activity ‘Change object’ with which you change object IteratorTickets

where MyDateTime is an extra attribute you add to entity Ticket.