Progress bar in data grid with microflow as data source

Hi Mendix community, maybe you have an idea, how could I solve following problem: I have a data grid which will be fed by a microflow. The microflow filters the data of an specific entity. The microflow is needed because the filtering is complex. At the same page the user can choose specific filters which will set a contexe entity. At the moment when the user updates the context entity the data grid will be automatically reloaded. The problem is that sometimes it takes a while and the user get no respond that the data grid is updating.   I tried different approaches. One approach was to introduce a flag in the context entity which will be set to true at the beginning of the MF in combination with conditional visibility to show a loading screen. Finally when the MF is finished it will be set to false and show the data grid. That did not work out because at the moment when I set the flag the whole page will be updated with the data grid and it end in an endless loop. Next apporach was to outsource the flag to another entity. This also did not work out because the page would not be refreshed during the microflow.   Do you have an idea on that? I would be very happy for a hint.   Edit: I know it is possible to block the page with a JavaScript action within a nanoflow. But is it possible to block the page with a Java action within a microflow?   Best regards Sai
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You can also use an dataviewloader.  (


This way the data will only be shown when the transaction has been completed.