When to offload work to the Task Queue?

Should I use the task queue often of just in particular cases?   One of the great features in Mx9 is the task queue, and the real easy way to offload task from the current microflow to an async task. Lovely. But when should I use it?   My gut feeling tells me: as soon as you call a subflow that can be done asynchronously. Since you have no interest in the result and don’t want to be hindered when that subflow runs into an error. This happens quite often. A good simple example is when somewhere in a microflow, on some occurrence, you want to send out an email to someone. But there is a little devil telling me that this will cause task queue failures every once in a while and performance might do unexpected things and I should not (yet) trust this technique. Any thoughts on this?  
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Hi Tim,


I use the task queue in order to retrieve results from REST services. I retrieve from Service Now a list of all CI items. The CI get details call I run in a TQ. 1). Not to choke the REST service (progressive time-outs) 2). Not to consume valuable resources from the Mx application. Important for my application is that I don’t need the exact data instantly in the process I’m in. In some of my applications, I indicate the time stamp of the last a-sync update.


Your example to send out (bulk) mail or other communication like SMS, I would give to the Task Queue. Important is to create a redo list. This list should be re-run (in case of technical failures) or processed (in case of functional problems). In your email example, the re-run or process should be based on the error received (bounce unknown = process, full mailbox would = re-run on a later time stamp).


The rules I use are:

1). do I need the outcome of the task in the process, I would wait for it.

2). if the timing is not important, I would consider giving it to a TQ, when error handling (both technical or functional) is possible.

3). when error handling is not possible, is a full rerun possible? If not, again don’t give it to the TQ.

4). Consider the communication type. Email is a-sync by nature, so ideal to process in TQ. But if you need to send an OTP pass via SMS, waiting 5 minutes on the position in a TQ could break the UX. 


Just my brain dump for now. I hope others write here too. Maybe I should create a blog for it.


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