decision for comparing names for microflow

Hi, I’m a starter of mendix and am making a survey platform, I just make a microfunction to check whether the entered name already exists in User Data. Data Entry is an Entity in which I enter informations and the User Entity is information, in which entered names are stored. exists just go to another page.
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Hi Jeongkeun,


As per my understanding, you want to check whether user is already exists before creating profile for that particular user.


Before decision try to retrieve user where first name and last name equals to the value given by data entry.


After retrieving it, in decision add condition like this


$user!=empty --→ if this is false then create profile object else show the page which you want to show.

Retrieve User Object:



Decision condition:






Hi Jeongkeun,


Use union operation in list activity and use condition to check if it’s false then allow to create a profile





To add to the above answer – do note that using a first and last name to search for existing users is generally a bad idea, as there might be many users with the same name. It's recommended to add something unique to the user to make sure you actually have the right person (e.g. e-mail address, though that leaves people open to using different e-mail addresses)