Something is triggering my On Change reference selector event microflow

I have two reference selectors with the same entity on the same page that have the same microflow that triggers when the data changes in it. The process of the flow the first selector has two options ‘Open’ and ‘Complete’ when selecting complete it triggers the microflow to first add a timestamp to another entity for another report, and then allow visiblity to the rest of the page(where the second one is). The second selector has ‘Complete’ and ‘Closed’ and checks to see if the data is closed then it will label the project as closed. The thing is it works until on the first selector if you select complete and then go back and select open the microflow then constantly gets triggerd over and over again forever. The microflow process checks if the current project is the right project, then retrieves all necessary data for the report. Then check to see if data is ‘Complete’ if so it changes a timestamp and then recommits the project, if it isnt ‘complete’ then it checks if its ‘open’. If yes it just commits the projec, if no then it goes on to do checks necessary to be considered ‘Closed’. Hopfully this makes sense. I could use some advice for this one.  
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Since I cant review the microflow completly, I cant give you a 100% answer but from what I am seeing here my guess is that; because you change the project status in the microflow with a commit and a refresh of the page, the page will pick-up your status changes and refires the on change microflow.

Either remove the refresh in the microflow activity, so that the on change wont get fired again or change something in your logic so that you dont change the association in the on change but on save for example.

Hope this helps!