automated chart error

Hello. I am trying to automate a grid that checks a box based on the date of a particular topic. I’ve attached a picture of the chart below. Each checkbox is it’s own attribute of an entity. The date is entered previously in the app. When the date is changed a microflow is activated which I have also pictured below. The microflow retrieves the entered date via an association and then uses a java action to convert the month to an integer, it then runs a series of checks to determine which month the date is and then changes the value of the boolean checkbox that corresponds with the same month. Everything in our app is separated by different “sites” which is an object entity that we create many of, thus to keep information separate between sites, most of our information is nested into a site entity, including the grid. When I run the app and change that date I get an error, also pictured below, and the grid does not change the value of any boxes. Does anyone have any ideas for why this may be happening or how to fix it?    
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Is there any error logged in the studio pro console? 
if not can you inspect the page see if Any error is there in the browser console?


With this information is difficult to understand what is going on; BTW you can try to check

Entity permissions

Commits and UI refresh

Also I guess it is better to use a List view instead of a static grid with a boolean attribute for each mont (if you don’t want to take the parametrization further.