Open url from microflow/nanoflow

Hello,   I’m trying to create a flow which redirects to an URL starting from a nanoflow/microflow when a navigation tree item is clicked. The URL redirected to depends on an attribute of the logged in user   At the moment i’m having the issue that I call different url’s based on an account attribute of the logged in user ( see screenshot for MF). However the ‘Open URL’ step only works in nanoflows.   The other way around when i try to start from a nanoflow: I am not possible to use the ‘CreatedByUser’ java action to cast the logged in user account to differentiate the link based on an attribute on account level. Decision steps and the variable currentUser are not available in a Nanoflow.   How would i best proceed to implement my use case?   Thanks  
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You can call a microflow from a nanoflow, return the redirect URL to the nanoflow, then use that to redirect the user in the nanoflow using the Open URL action.