Excel IFERROR equivalent in Mendix

I am currently trying to convert an Excel formula into a microflow, but I cannot figure out how to do Mendix’ version of IFERROR.   =IFERROR(SUM(LReducePPICol)*(1-ComNum/ComNum)-SUMIF(TypeCol,"PPI",CreditCol)*(1-ComNum/ComNum),0) In this context, Excel’s IFERROR catches an exception of division by zero when ComNum = 0.   This is the mendix calculation without use of IFERROR. Can someone fix the expression or guide me on how to. $Sum_LitActualPpi * (1 - $CaseData/ComRate : $CaseData/ComRate) - $Sum_Credit_ByPpi * (1 - $CaseData/ComRate : $CaseData/ComRate)   Thanks      
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The Mendix way to do this is to make a separate flow that takes care of this calculation and in that flow use errorhandling: