Change editable to non-editable using microflow

Hello, I want particular information to be non-editable after release. For the release, I use a checkbox. And I intended to apply an on-change microflow to update the dedicated objects from editable to non-editable. But now I am stuck, as I do not know how to change the object-setting using the building blocks in a microflow. How can I change the setting of the particular object? 
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Hi Arno,
              You can’t use the building blocks or change it’s functions or properties inside a miroflows. If you want to change some object editability you can use some additional (Helper ) boolean attributes and restrict the visibility condition of the object is possible.

Additional Hint: If you want to use the helper object then provide a with Start of ‘_’ . Eg –  “_VisiblityBoolean”

Thanks & Regards
Dinesh Gunasekaran.