Add attribute to entity from another entity

i have a microflow that pulls data from mysql and adds it to the mendix database. it also loops over to see if it exists first. i have an entity called credit memos and another called invoices. they have the same attribute but with different names (not ideal but that’s what i have to work with). example: invoices/docID = creditmemos/invoiceNumber. i added an extra attribute in the credit memo entity to hold this invoice number but unsure how to fill in the correct data.       does anyone have any idea on how i can achieve this? thanks!
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Hi Corina,


If you are trying to fill in the Invoices Entity from the MySql Credit Memo data, if the object found with same Invoice Number in your check Credit exists:

True > You already retrieved Credit Memo and do another retrieve of Invoices via association  and make changes as needed


False > Create a New Credit Memo and also create Invoices add association between them. 


For both Credit Memos and Invoices, you need to create a list before loop (Like you did for credit memo) and commit outside the loop.