Variable Data View

Hello,   I have a data view where a user can put in information. Before the user can select if he uses his own information or for a colleague. If he selects own information I want the forms prefilled with the current user information. If he selects the other option the Forms should be empty. My problem is, that the data is not updated depending on the selected option.  When the user clicks on option 1 or option 2 I call a workflow where I change the object ‘UserInformation’ either prefilled or empty und give it back. After that comes the Form within data view.   How can i update the data view after coming out of the workflow? If i update the hole page after workflow, it delets the data the user filled in before.   Thanks in advance
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Assumption is that some microflow is used when selecting the option. Did you pass the main object of the form to that microflow and did you refresh that object in the microflow? Because you always have to refresh the parameter object of that page to see the changes.