How to dynamically select attributes to display in a data grid based on user input?

Essentially, I have two fields where based on the input on the user, not only will the page dynamically display different parameters to fill in, in the next box, but also It will put the two attributes into a table.    There are two prediction targets for two different refineries, Maintenance and Electricity. Each predictor requires the input of two parameters. However, even if the prediction target is the same the parameters will not be the same for the different refineries. In total, there will be four values passed to the equation.  The refinery  The prediction target  the first parameter to make the prediction the second parameter to make the prediction note: I am just using an enumeration for display purposes the refineries and prediction targets will actually be stored in an entity for scalability.    I had planned to store the response of the user input in a non-persistable table and then somehow use a microflow to select the attributes that match from a different entity for a separate data grid I know exactly what two attributes will need to be required based on the the refinery and prediction target, but how do I take those two attributes and combine them into one table?
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