Logic to Generate a Custom Ticket NUmber

Hello all! I am looking to generate a custom Ticket number instead of going with an Auto Number. Is there any way I can do it using micro flows? I am pretty new to the platform so my knowledge is very limited. If you could point me to an official documentation or any screenshots would be appreciated.   Target Ticket ID: “G”+ 00001 The number of characters have to be constant irrespective of the number. i.e. G00001, G00011, G00111, G01111, G11111   Thank You!
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Hi Bhargav,

Firstly you need to retrieve all the objects from database. Then you should count the objects in it using aggregate list operation. This will help with the serial number. Then you can append this value +1 with a string. In your case ‘G’ in the change object activity .