Can someone explain me this points please?

I am going through learning path of Expand Your Domain Modeling Skills. Under section 2.4.1 I am not able to understand the point 12 I have attached the ss as well below. Can anyone please help me to understand what exactly it is, please?  
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Hi Harsh,

its nothing but creation of team list view in a team_overview page and from the add button call a newedit page where you can add the team and its details where in the team new edit page add the dataview with team entity and add a layout grid with 6,6 and add a dataview  stadium entity over the assosition team_stadium and in the right side a list view and datasource as association and return the player entity over the assosition of team_Player

and for the new button that you are adding leads to add a newpage for creation of players and

The reference selector to select the Captain needs to get a data source microflow. Otherwise it will show Adrian all Players in the system, instead of just those that belong to the team he is currently adding.

  • Open the Properties of the reference selector and go to the Selectable objects tab.

  • Set the Source to microflow.

  • Connect it to a new microflow: DS_Team_GetPlayers.

 and add a retrieve activity in the microflow and make it select by assosition option and get the player list and return the player at the end of microflow for selection of captian.

that's wat the clear description of that topic

hope it helps you and all the best in your learnings.


Hi Harsh,


You would have created Team New Edit page. There u can see one reference selector for selecting captain.


As Attar explained,For that reference selector, double click the widget. Go to selectable objects tab. Select respective microflow as datasource as per the instructions.