Scanned Value status should display in same Scaned page

Hi Team, I need some solution on how to display scanned value status on the same page after scanned the bar code. For example – I am maintaining a status of pending and verified barcode scanned value in dataview, before the scanning is done the status will be pending then after once the value is scanned i want to display as verified. but when I use change object I am not able to scan and the scan functionality is not working So, someone can you please help me like how to maintain scan status on same page. 
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So if I understand correctly you already have a bar code with the status pending. Then you scan a new bar code and if they match the status should change? Then you should scan the new bar code to a temp object. Then after the scan check if the temp object has the same value as the pending barcode. You can then change the status to verified and refresh the pending bar code which now has the verified right status and you could delete the temp object.