can someone provide right solution for this question.

hello members , i follow all answers of the question  Mendix Forum - Questions that i posted some day ago. but did not get any right solutin can someone help me to fix this issue. or virtually connect. it will be very helpful to me.    Edit  Domain model    create object ac         EDIT 2 call a microflow onclick on list view called Get_RoomObject     And Place CHange object Activity       Below is my Save MF   Create object activity below in Save MF          Booking OverView Image   EDIT 3  
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Hi Sanjay,

What is your issue there? Your list view DS is not called when you click the button?

If that is the case , In that button MF, change booking object and set refresh in client set to “yes”.

This will trigger the DS of list view.


If this is not your issue , please comment it below.