how to call a microflow on click of different button.

Hi mendix, I need to call a microflow in a button and dont want to click the particular onclickmicroflow button rather I need to use a new button to call that microflow.
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Hi Peter,

it can be done in two ways as one way you go with Robert answer.

or else 

you can use a javascript snippet where you need to a add two different classes for two different buttons  assume a and b and your Jquery or Javascript code wants to be in a format of if you click the “a button then the b button wants to be clicked with javascript or jquery function”. 


Hope this helps.




You can be done using HTML/ JavaScript Snippet. with help of this Jquery code.


$(document).ready(function() {
      return false;

By click the btn1, btn2 features also triggers along with the same function.


You should be able to add a new “Call Microflow Button” Action to your page. You can then select the microflow you want to run. Multiple buttons can run the same microflow.