Convert Enumeration type to integer

I´ve been trying to sum enumeration type attributes using: parseInteger(getCaption($Form/Q4)) but did not work, any ideas?  
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Is the caption numeric in all cases?  Also, maybe some of the captions are empty, so can’t be parsed to an integer?  Do you get an error message?  If so, can you share it here?


I made an example of this:

Here is the Enumeration


I used this for an attribute in an entity


Next I created a page so I could enter some values


Finally, I created this microflow


And here is a video of this in action:


Hope this helps


Hello Saul,


There is nothing wrong with your expression, I tried it myself


The expression returns an integer. An integer can be stored in integer type attributes and integer type variables 

Also an integer can be compared with other integers: e.g. 5 = (3+2) is true, 6 >= 1 is true, 1 = 0 is false


You probably want to do something similar to this:


Hope this helps!