Why did my microflow stoped working the same way as it was ?

so yestarday i was doing my job and suddenly the REST api stoped working as it was! so i rolled back to older repository and the API still didn’t work and i did not upgrade my mendix version. i am not getting any logs about Trace but the error i am getting is this   and now i am getting this error:  
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Is there throw any Error like “contact administrator” Can you give a Stack trace pls? 


Does your Mendix application publish the REST API or does it consume a REST API from an external service?

If it’s a published REST API then if you are using microflows to provide the data I would put a breakpoint at the start of this and then single step through to see how the data is being retrieved. If it’s returning empty you’ll probably find the failing retrieve and will point to why there is missing data.

If you are consuming a REST API in your application, then I would put the REST Consume Lognode up to TRACE as that will show the full request and response and will hopefully give a clue as to why no data is being returned.

Hope this helps.


If its returning an empty array your DB might be empty. Did you click ‘Clean deployment directory’ yesterday while you are using the built-in database?