Is this a bug or wrong implementation of microflow.

In the image attached below “MxAssist” is pointing an issue that I am doing Create/Update/Delete activity too early in the microflow. But all those activities are in the end of the microflow. If I replaced the position of the pointed activity with another from the following activities it is pointing at the activity which is placed the previous location. Mt studio pro version is 9.12.5 (LTS/MTS).  
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In the Latest Mendix Version 9.17.1 this MX Assist is improvised. 

you will not get this recommendation from it.


Besides the MxAssist issue, I see you commit NewNotificationLost w/o events. 

Don't bypass your events. In other words: never use this option. Unless you have a very very very valid reason. Which cannot be found in this microflow. Or your event isn't a real entity event and thus it should be removed from the entity 😉