Many to Many Association

lets say I have two entities A and B. A can have multiple B's and B can have multiple A's. In A's details page there are multiple tabs, I wanted to add another tab called B, from that I wanted to add one button on clicking that button it should show one page where can I select B's by reference selector and this is same case with B also. One should able to update these associations from both the pages. How can I achieve this?
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Hi mahendra,

You can easily achieve this by using a microflow,

Just add a button from the  A page which calls a microflow,

in the microflow, just create an object of B (if it doen’t exist) or change B (if exists) and link it to A.

And then show a page where you will be able to select one of the B object.


You can do this from B page also.

Hope it helps!