How to write a microflow to extract each object of list object?

Hi  I have a situation in which I have list of animals entity then i have created a list of sibling animals from association with animal entity. So Next time when I am creating new sibling animal object i should not able to assign already sibling animals. for example I have lion, tiger, cat, dog, zebra. Sibling Animal object 1 for that i picked tiger and Cat. so next Time if I try to map Tiger with Lion. I should get an error message that tiger is already mapped.   I try to that by using two loops in first loop i am iterating the Sibling animal list and in second loop i am iterating the current object in our scenario tiger and Lion. But i am getting the desired result. How can i write, I am thinking to write third loop in which Individual Animal I should compare but not sure how to acheive
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Hi Shubhransh,

What you can do is, in the second loop, you can add a decision, that whether the first list contains the object or not, if the first list already has the object then dont link it in the second list.

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Hi Shubhransh,


What you should do is, to create a list with animals that has no association with a sibling. This would look like a retrieve with an Xpath constrain [animals/animals_sibling = empty] . This will retrieve only the animals that do not have a sibling associated. When using that list for connecting to new animals objects, you can be assure that there was not sibling (animal association) already in place.


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