Mapping multiple objects among themselves

Hello.   I am having 2 separate databases for two different objects (Lets us assume Objects are S and R). Requirement is need to do mapping among object S and R. Multiple S can be mapped to multiple R, but need to do mapping by importing excel sheet. I have done like running loop over entity (contains object from excel sheet that we are importing) and assigning object R to S (in their association as there is many to many association between them), but the issue is in excel if Multiple S is need to mapped if multiple R,  it is taking only latest one not all.   Example to data in excel:- S        R 1        100 2         200 1         200  it means S:1 should be mapped with both R:100 and R:200 but it is taking only R:200.   PLease help me out.   Thanks
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Hi Trishla T,

First, retrieve the data as a list and add the list to loop iterate the data and send to Excel data in a microflow.

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